The fastest way to start a clothing line and make sales guaranteed


Welcome to this exclusive online course where you will learn the most effective steps to start, run and succeed in building your own clothing line and making sales. This book has been written by the CEO of Freshset, Ososho. Enjoy this course, write down notes and refer to it overtime to ingrain these vital lessons into your brain.


How it started

“We have to let you go”. These were the last words I heard as I got dismissed from my 9-5 in October 2017. I was devasted at the fact I had a mountain of bills to pay and was losing money by the day with no sign of income in sight. This was necessary. To be successful in life you must push past beyond significant setback. Some say it is God, some say it is the universe, either way there is a force greater than man testing your dedication and faith to your chosen goal. Even before I started a 9-5, my goal was to be rich enough to live out my wildest dreams and ensure my family does not care about money for generations to come. Getting fired made me tell myself “I will never work for another company again.” I succeed because I have a goal in mind. To be successful you need an end goal in mind and the ability to understand the power of the universe. What you think becomes your reality. Thomas Edison thought of a way to light up the world, he went through beyond significant failures until he invented the lightbulb. What you think becomes your reality. Any material object you see today started as a thought, which faced failure pushed through the setback and became a reality by the will of unbreakable determination. This book will guide you to all the online ecommerce success you can imagine however you need to believe in your goal, your vision and realize like I have, whatever you think becomes your reality. If you think you cannot, you will not. If you believe you can, you will. I believed I will never work for somebody else ever again and I still believe that to this day. That desire causes me to create indestructible wealth on a repeat nature. From getting fired I have raised way over 6 figures in online sales, worked with some of the best U.K rappers, influencers, established companies and built multiple streams of income in 3 years.  This book will teach you the fastest way to start a clothing line and make sales however your thoughts will shape your reality. It is down to you to act on and believe what I will teach you today.


Product Market fit & ways to test your product

It is much easier and effective to supply an existing demand rather than creating a demand for a product that you like that nobody else cares for. Selling what you love can make you money. Selling a service that will significantly improve the lives of others will make you your fortune. I started Freshset noticing a gap in the market. Paint splash jeans and Goggle jackets at an affordable price. Everyone else was selling velvet tracksuits, bomber jackets or reflective clothing. I knew if I joined their wave, I would certainly wipe out, so I did something else. What I did and what you need to do is:

  1. Google Trends. On Google search “Google trends” and type in the product/service you believe you can make your fortune in. If it is in high demand you may have a jackpot or a situation where there are already too many big players to compete with. If there are big players than you need to create a differentiating factor. You do not have to overcomplicate it either. With Freshset’s Goggle jacket, I made it stand out in this pool by giving it social currency. The fact that Top U.K artists wore it added prestige to the coat. I also broadcasted its strengths. The fact It is waterproof, padded for warmth and you can clearly see out of it whilst zipped up. All this made it my top seller. Google trends confirmed there is a demand for it. If there was no demand, I would not sell it. Think this way with your chosen product. First check Google trends and find out if there is a demand. Second determine if there is competition and if there is create unique ways to make your product stand out. This is how you gain product market fit.
  2. Once you have this data, set up a webstore with a page displaying your product. Use google ad words, Instagram promotion or any way of driving traffic to your targeted product. You want to learn people’s behavior towards your product and receive feedback on the item. The logic behind this is you will get people literally telling you what they are willing to pay for. Take heed of it as it will change your income dramatically. Alternatively, if you see people are adding the product to their cart and not buying then you know there are elements of your product that need correcting.
  3. Testing your product quickly and effectively can be done in multiple ways. The first way is exclusively having your product up for 30 days. Let your audience know it is only available for 30 days. If your audience start screaming, messaging and begging you to keep your product up, you have product market fit and should investigate methods of bringing in traffic to your product.


The most effective technique in pricing your clothing.

You do not need to price low to create a big pool of wealth. In fact, doing the opposite works in your favor. By charging a premium price you broadcast to your clients and the world that A: My product is the most premium version you will get, B: you will sell fewer units, managing fewer clients and achieve your financial goal a lot faster, C: you attract the better customer, one willing to buy premium, lower maintenance, lower complaints meaning fewer returns and D: a higher profit margin is safer giving you more money per sell to re-invest and grow your business.  If you choose not to do this way and you price your item at a lower price, you will need to sell a lot more to reach your financial goal, you will also deal with anybody and everybody which will give you stress and you’ll need to spend more money on your customer service team.  Price high and then justify. Explain your strengths and why your clothing garment will provide a highly effective service. Brands often die out when they price low. When everybody can get access to your product it becomes worn out and unwanted. Look at the fashion brands at the top and how they have lasted for so long. Ralph Lauren, Versace, Gucci, Prada and many time-tested brands. Aim for a markup of about 7-10. If an item costs you £10 to make do not sell it for less than £70.


Winning product layouts including 4 green houses, 1 red

On your website you want your top selling product to be easily accessible. Do not have too many loading pages your client must go through before they get to what they want. People get distracted fast; you want their experience to be as smooth and quick as possible. To have a genuinely great money generating clothing line you want to apply the 4 green houses 1 red hotel method (think monopoly). It is said to win in monopoly you need 4 green houses and 1 red hotel. Your red hotel is your top seller. However not everybody will want to own your top seller. As a clothing line to be successful you must offer the next best thing. For example, if you’re selling a tracksuit that has become your number 1 seller (your red hotel) to gain more money it makes sense to sell items that will compliment your tracksuit (your 4 green houses) You can sell T-shirts or long sleeve sweaters that compliment your tracksuits style. You see where I am going with this? Relying on purely one item can become a liability. Imagine for some reason your manufacturer runs out of stock for that item (which happens more often than you think) You want the comfortability of knowing you have 4 other items which can transition into a top seller if need be and still generate you income. Also, by having your top seller and 4 supporting items you can create bundles which will allow you to earn more money per client. This ties into my earlier statement about creating indestructible wealth.


How to successfully write product descriptions to optimize sales

Your product descriptions are where you do the selling. Write your product descriptions as if you are speaking to your client. A successful description answers any questions you believe they will have like the size of the clothing, the material used and washing process. A successful description will position your strengths clearly as this will determine whether your client purchases your item or not. Your descriptions are there to close the sale with your client. Don’t aim to convince your client to buy, instead aim to share the love of the product and they will happily buy.

Your goal

At the end of the day a winner never quits, and a quitter never wins. I searched the entire internet for ways to earn money for myself until I arrived at Drop shipping. Drop shipping is a method where you do not need to start with a great deal of money. When your clients buy an item that is when you order It to their delivery address. No need to hold stock (yet). This helped me start my business fast as I needed quick money. Over time I realized it didn’t benefit my goal of indestructible wealth as I holding clothing in storages can give you faster shipping times and give you a bigger drive to sell out your items otherwise they become liabilities.. You need to know your goal. You need to know what you want out of starting your brand if this is a lifetime situation or if you are doing this for a quick check. Once you know this you will make better business decisions.

Your design

As well as having a product that stands out you need to have a quality design. Every and anybody can put a logo on a T-shirt. Yours needs to hold weight and have meaning. A successful way to accomplish this is to evoke emotion. When you evoke emotion, you influence people to take decisive action.